Review: HP Scanjet G4050 Introduction

Scan made with HP G4050

Chichester photographer, Tobias of Tobias key Photography review his latest scanner:

So after a few years service my Epson 4990 scanner died and I was forced into another scanner purchase, for scanning my 120 black and white negatives. For someone like myself, a scanner purchase is a thorny issue. One of the downfalls of mainstream film use was the time and expense involved in getting a negative into digital format. Now, a long time after the horse has bolted, there are a good range of affordable flat bed scanners that claim to do that job at previously unheard of prices, like the sub £200 Epson 4490 and HP G4050 up to the far more sophisticated Epson V750 at over £500.

I decided to buy a scanner at the cheaper end of the market to proof negatives for drum scanning. I felt that if I was to ever want make a big enlargement of a particular negative I’d either have a wet print made or get a drum scan. To my logic getting a V75o was pointless as I’d never be confident in using a consumer flatbed for a large canvas or exhibition print, my flat bed would really be little more than an alternative to contact sheets and 7×5’s. And it is with this in mind that I’m reviewing the G5040.

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