Sometimes it’s better to be lucky …

Another day another wedding in terrible rain. I was shooting a wedding in Langrish House near Petersfield in Hampshire, driving conditions were terrible and a month’s rain was forecast to fall in the next few days. When I arrived the marquee was filling up with water and and the rain seemed destined to pour down all day. I walked round the venue with the groom Paul discussing the options we might have for photos. None of them looked that good. Although Langrish is a large house (now a hotel), most of the rooms were small, and the bad weather was making the house very dark. I had back up plans but none of them compared to shooting in the beautiful rolling South Downs. The service went a ahead as planned and I did my shots as per normal. Then, just after the ceremony was over a miracle a break in the weather. I worked fast, switching from one group shot to another as fast as possible and then just I finished the final group, the rain returned and we all rushed inside. Just goes to show how important luck can be.

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