100% All Natural Portraits

At the heart of my work there is one thing I strive for above all other things – to make people look natural.

I believe that a portrait should first and foremost be about the sitter, a fraction of a second that reveals something, a tiny moment that can sum up someone in an instant.  That is the power of photography, it is a tool for revelation, an aid to memory, a record of something unique and ephemeral.  It is not just a product or commodity, and should have value beyond its ticket price

I don’t want to be a photographer who has a list of poses and puts each client through this list.   I don’t use a set recipe for my work, I try and be flexible and improvise,  I don’t just repeat what I’ve done before, I want to produce work that is new and as fresh and exciting to me as it is to you.

One of the reasons I don’t rely on a studio to produce my work is that it’s a unnatural environment that intimidates many sitters, especially children.  I do use a studio, but only sparingly, when it matches what the client wants, it’s just another creative  tool to me.  Most often I like to go to a location that is special to my clients, be it their house, the beach or the countryside.  I set some things up but with a light touch, I try to create an environment where great photos will come naturally, and let things flow from there.  I like a nice smiley photo, but I don’t labour the point.


If the shoot is fun the smiles will come.

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