Portraits in the Spring – Rosie


We have been lucky enough to have a very warm April, so I’ve been lucky enough to do some beach portraits and get a sun tan in the process.  Of course, sunny weather presents some  challenges as the crowds descend upon the coast, but with a little local know how we dodged the throngs of pasty-faced holiday makers and managed to get some great photographs.

My favourite trick is to look for some open shade which my favourite type of light for portraits, which can be hard to do at the beach.  But I’ve felt I can cope with any type of light, the most important thing I’ve found is to shoot for the conditions you have rather than pining for the light you don’t have.

I have simple tactics for looking after my camera at the beach I make my lens selection beforehand and put in a large memory card so I don’t have to open the camera up when I’m shooting.  I also try to stay away from salt spray,  so I won’t go near the shoreline at high tide and won’t shoot at the beach if it’s too windy.

The most important tip I give is patience, the light changes all the time, the wind can disappear, magic can happen in front of you, if you rush and fret you’ll miss it.

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