The Packages

What do your Packages include?

I think that getting to know my clients is important, so all of my wedding packages include an initial consultation, a pre-wedding planning meeting and an engagement shoot. The engagement shoot is particularly important as it gives my clients a chance to practice being photographed together and for me to give little hints  and a bit of coaching on how you can look your best on the big day. If we go to your wedding venue to shoot the engagement pictures it also gives us the opportunity to scout out locations and work out ideas without any time pressure, ready for your wedding day.

All my wedding packages come with all digital files included. I edit a selection of images which I think best capture your wedding day, normally at least 300 images for an 8 hour wedding. These images are fully finished and supplied at full camera resolution. I also supply every other picture that I shoot in a separate folder in case there are any that might have a sentimental value that I overlook. I can’t know your relationship to every person at your wedding, so I think it is important that you can see everything that I have shot. I also include small versions of all your images for sharing online.

Images are supplied on a Custom USB stick with matching album style case

Expect to receive a total of at least 1500 images from an all day wedding booking.

I also include a photofilm of your best images set to music which you can post to social media to share the memories of the big day with your friends. You can see examples of my photofilms on my youtube channel.

On top of this I create  an online gallery where you or your family can order prints, or just share the picture with friends.

What about Album Packages?

An album is the best way to preserve all the best moments from your wedding day. I prepare the layouts of all my albums personally and I provide you with online proofs so you can have your album just the way you want it. I use Loxley Colour’s Bellissimo Albums which have dozens of cover and colour options and an unrivalled reputation for quality. There is no substitute for seeing and handling these products in person so book an appointment if you want to know more

How will you photograph my wedding?

I shoot most of my pictures in a documentary style.  That means for most of the time I shoot pictures without really directing you. Most people look most like themselves when they aren’t aware of the camera, and this for me is where the strongest wedding images come from. The connections between couples and families played out through the day, the natural looks and smiles that capture a relationship.

 The only pictures I direct are portraits of the couple and family groups, but I try to do these efficiently. You won’t spend a laborious couple of hours posing for endless group photographs. I work to a timetable and shot list agreed between us beforehand. I want you to enjoy your day from beginning to end.

My style is also flexible. I shoot everything from fashion to commercial work to formal portraits on film with a large format bellows camera.  I can shoot your couples portraits on film if you would like or create fashion inspired images of the bride on a separately arranged shoot. If you have any ideas to make your wedding photography special, I’m here to help make them happen.

What areas do you cover?

I shoot mainly in Hampshire and Sussex but I have worked all over the UK, from Scotland to the west country.

Are you insured?

As a full-time professional I have full public liability and indemnity cover.  I carry a complete set of back up cameras and lenses in case something breaks or goes wrong. I have never missed any kind of shoot through illness in all my professional career, and have never let a couple down because a better paying  job came along on the same day (yes, this happens).

What happens after you’ve finished shooting my wedding?

For each hour that I spend at your wedding I spend around two more editing and optimising you images. The time spent editing your photos is one of the things that sets apart cheap wedding photography from genuine professionals. There are lots of situations where artificial light or very dim light creates colour casts on your images, and these things take time and care to correct. Even images shot in perfect conditions require a bit of work to look their best. When you hire a cheap wedding photographer it’s usually this work that is missed to keep the price down. Often a cheap wedding photographer is actually charging you more per hour of work than I do.

All images from your wedding are backed up on multiple drives as soon as I get home from your wedding.  After that, I normally aim to have edited your pictures in around two or three weeks depending on my schedule. I will then send you an email link to an online gallery which you can share with friends. I’ll send you your USB stick soon after that. If you have ordered an album I normally send you a first draft of the layout via email after about one month, which we can then edit together until you are completely happy with it.

How do I secure my wedding date?

To book me for your wedding I need you sign and return my contract and pay a non-refundable deposit, the balance of your wedding fee is payable not later than 8 weeks prior to your wedding date.  Cancellation charges may apply.

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