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The Caseys’ Wedding – Brighton Bandstand and Fabrica



Sean and Amy got married at Brighton Bandstand which is a great summer venue for weddings as long as the weather is good, and luckily they had a beautiful late summers day for their ceremony. The wedding ceremony was performed by the registrars from Brighton town hall, and were up to their usual high standards they were friendly and  relaxed and really made the day feel special. Sean and Amy wanted quite informal photographs at the ceremony along with the normal family groups and with a bit of judicious photoshopping I was able to create a bit of clear beach for photo if the two of them in front of Brighton’s iconic but decaying West Pier. After group shots were finished the wedding party moved on to the reception at Fabrica Art Gallery where I set up a photo-booth for the wedding guests to pose with some wild and wacky props. I split my time between the booth and taking candid portraits of the guests as well as the speeches, details of the cake and the general decor, so needless to say I was kept very busy and many a memory card was filled by the evening. I was very pleased by the images and enjoyed setting up and shooting the photobooth as it is not something I normally do at a wedding. It’s nice to break things up and use different skills.

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Review: HP Scanjet G4050 Introduction

Scan made with HP G4050

Chichester photographer, Tobias of Tobias key Photography review his latest scanner:

So after a few years service my Epson 4990 scanner died and I was forced into another scanner purchase, for scanning my 120 black and white negatives. For someone like myself, a scanner purchase is a thorny issue. One of the downfalls of mainstream film use was the time and expense involved in getting a negative into digital format. Now, a long time after the horse has bolted, there are a good range of affordable flat bed scanners that claim to do that job at previously unheard of prices, like the sub £200 Epson 4490 and HP G4050 up to the far more sophisticated Epson V750 at over £500.

I decided to buy a scanner at the cheaper end of the market to proof negatives for drum scanning. I felt that if I was to ever want make a big enlargement of a particular negative I’d either have a wet print made or get a drum scan. To my logic getting a V75o was pointless as I’d never be confident in using a consumer flatbed for a large canvas or exhibition print, my flat bed would really be little more than an alternative to contact sheets and 7×5’s. And it is with this in mind that I’m reviewing the G5040.

Next: Installation and First Impressions

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