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George and Leah’s Wedding, Upwaltham Barns, Chichester



George and Leah got married right in the middle of last summer’s heatwave at Upwaltham Barns, right in the heart of the beautiful South Downs. I know how hard it can be to shoot in very hot weather, so my camera bag was weighed down as much by water bottles as it was by lenses. I liberally applied sunblock as well, as it is very easy to get burnt to a crisp without even realising it on days like this as I have learnt to my cost in the past. There is nothing worse than shooting groups, you start to feel that you are getting burnt, and there is nothing you can do about it!

I was particularly lucky at this wedding that I got an opportunity to shoot with George and Leah as the evening light  drew in and we got some really beautiful shots. One of the biggest challenges for a wedding photographer is dealing with available light, whether it is a gloomy Saxon church or shooting groups in the middle of the day. I have my tricks and things I’ve picked up over the years that help make the best of any situation, but a photographer has no greater ally than good light, and no light is better than the golden sunshine of a summer’s evening.




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Sussex Wedding Photography – Jon and Rani at Buxted Park Hotel

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Buxted Park in the sunshine. A great setting for a wedding


I love working at Buxted Park Hotel. It has stunning grounds, beautiful ceremony rooms and every wedding I have shot there has run very smoothly. I photographed this wedding at the end of May, and we were very lucky to have a nice day, the weather had been grim all week. I arrived just after the groom and photographed the guests arriving while we all waited for Rani, the bride to arrive. It was a civil ceremony, but had lots of nice touches that took account of Rani’s Indian heritage. Rani looked stunning in her dress and beautiful henna tattoos and arrived in style in a convertible Morris Minor.

After the ceremony everyone had drinks out on the terrace while I got to business herding people for the group photographs. The one point in the day where I have to step forward and get everyone organised so that we don’t over run and I don’t get told off by the caterers! I went through my list and got the ushers rounding people up. It all went pretty smoothly apart from one member of the bridal party disappearing to change her baby’s nappy. There are some things even the most assertive wedding photographer can’t control! Group shots at a venue like this are relatively easy as you can keep the everyone nearby so changing from one group to the next or finding someone is easy. It is also great as the guests can get fed and watered while you are working, so they don’t get bored and the day flows much better. I’m always acutely aware that everyone has a limited amount of enthusiasm for group photos that runs out quickly if you take too long. It’s not just about taking great photos. It’s about taking great shots within an allotted amount of time, without being too bossy and making it fun. That’s where the real skill in this type of work lies.

The guests were called into the dining room and I merged into the background catching moments between the guests as they laughed and chatted, renewed old acquaintances and introduced themselves to new additions to the extended clan. I did my usual, taking candid portraits of guests as the laughed and joked between courses, or as children played.



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The Caseys’ Wedding – Brighton Bandstand and Fabrica



Sean and Amy got married at Brighton Bandstand which is a great summer venue for weddings as long as the weather is good, and luckily they had a beautiful late summers day for their ceremony. The wedding ceremony was performed by the registrars from Brighton town hall, and were up to their usual high standards they were friendly and  relaxed and really made the day feel special. Sean and Amy wanted quite informal photographs at the ceremony along with the normal family groups and with a bit of judicious photoshopping I was able to create a bit of clear beach for photo if the two of them in front of Brighton’s iconic but decaying West Pier. After group shots were finished the wedding party moved on to the reception at Fabrica Art Gallery where I set up a photo-booth for the wedding guests to pose with some wild and wacky props. I split my time between the booth and taking candid portraits of the guests as well as the speeches, details of the cake and the general decor, so needless to say I was kept very busy and many a memory card was filled by the evening. I was very pleased by the images and enjoyed setting up and shooting the photobooth as it is not something I normally do at a wedding. It’s nice to break things up and use different skills.

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